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13 Years in America is a story of hope sacrifice and the modern search for happiness that is at once a moving personal journey and a sharp hard look at the American Dream After moving to the United States from Canada a free spirited young woman rejects the status uo and embarks on a journey to discover what it means to be truly happy and fulfilled in the Land of Opportunity Her 13 year search spans half a dozen states a bunch of fearless adventures and ever increasing crises divisions turmoil and discontent Through it all she holds on to her fearless pursuit of happiness and fulfillment against ever decreasing oddsRead free ebook by clicking read book or purchase a paperback copy to support the author

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    At first I wondered why someone decided to write a book about their own life or rather a part of it when they're just a regular person like any of us But then I started reading and it drew me in Who's to say only celebrities have lives worth telling about?Essentially this is a book about how wild American capitalism sucks out your soul told through the experiences of the author spontaneously moving into America from Canada in her twenties How despite what the world thinks of American standards of life so many people are struggling to make ends meet even though they are working really really hard How it's all focused on result and if you're not willing to become a beady eyed doll sitting at your desk day in day out you won't have enough bread to put on the table And even worse than that how a lot of people despite working very hard end up without basic healthcare because despite starving they're still somehow too rich to receive it on the state and are charged with huge sums for ridiculously simple procedures It's a generation of disappointment and even though it is it's not all lost if you still have the ones you love I guess that would be the end messageI got this as a freebie a while back Turned out to be a pretty decent read

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    Love it Melanie Steele honours us with a glimpse into 13 years of her life while simultaneously providing insight commentary and food for thought on the social political and cultural changes that took place in the United States and beyond over those years Her memoir is brutally honest and heart wrenching while her social commentary is super charged Underlying the personal narrative is an unwavering theme of hope which is really inspiring As a reader I found myself rooting for her and hoping desperately for positive changes that would allow Melanie and her beautiful family to realize their dreams At the same time I found myself wishing the same for us all

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    I appreciated the glimpse that Melanie gave of us of her life and challenges and I related to many of them The book opens with the author as a young woman full of life and optimism The many hardships and disappointments she faces damage her optimism but not her love of life There were many passages that I highlighted for future reference This is a book that I’ll be thinking about for a while

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    Received as a Goodreads GiveawayI read this book in pretty much one sitting Beautifully written memoir of one woman's experiences emmigrating to the US after a whirlwind romance and trying to find her bliss in the context of the American DreamFive stars for sure

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    a heartwarming story of melanies journey following her heart to find happinessI won this in a Good Reads giveaway

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    One of the most poignant beautiful stories I’ve read Steele has opened herself up and shared her experiences of her uest to find happiness – a worthwhile endeavor indeed And one that we should all consider and appreciateI felt like I knew Melanie and Scott and their beautiful daughter and I kept rooting for them and hoping they would find what they were looking for I cried through the whole last couple chapters not only because I didn’t want the story to end but because I was so enthralled with her story and wanted everything to work out fairy tale perfect If it had though it wouldn’t have rang with the truth and depth that is one of 13 Years in America’s most important features

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    This is a great bookstraightforward and honest with a powerful message

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    Not an inspiring read at all It didn't meet the brief about finding yourself least of all in an adventurous romp around different US States Twelve years was spent in one State and one year in a city of a second State There was an extremely brief road trip from State One to State Two which allowed the synopsis claim of half a dozen States to be technically trueThe writer doesn't invite empathy I found her selfish and whiney and her reasoning for most decisions was shaky at best tending to rather disturbed Add to this the couples' fiscal irresponsibility which didn't improve over the years and peppered the story with 'you have to be kidding me' momentsNot a lot happened in all that time Her most significant moment was a two hour walk Seriously That's not my opinion I'm talking about her 'it' moment as described by herI expected so much from this book but the dull writing and the lack of reflection on mistakes and inability to learn a life lesson was a disappointment

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    Just re read this book and found it good on many levels The biggest plus is the unrelenting pursuit of happiness in the face of adversity Not only does Melanie insist on pursuing her dreams but she does so despite several offers to take the easy road She turns them down because they don't offer what feels right to her or what will inspire her She takes the road less traveled She doesn't do it in dramatic ways but rather through a simple no to what insults her soul Since first reading this book a couple years ago that message has gotten me through several hard times There were times when I felt crazy for not doing what was expected but then I remembered how we need to follow our hearts and live our lives in the way that feels right to us even if that means not earning as much money or having it as easy

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    Just entered to win this book I so wanna read this book travelling through America has always been a never to execute due to finance dream to me Maybe this book can live up to my dream a little bit If I do not win this I will certainly buy it So grateful to goodreads never would have known about this book if it wasn't for goodreadsOh no bad luckdid not win this book Winners are really picked random two winners hadn't even added it to their to read shelf Ah wellJust bought the book anyway at Cannot wait for it to arrive