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To support his family Billy Crystal's father Jack worked two jobs having only one day a week to spend with his family Based on Crystal's one man Broadway show of the same name 700 Sundays referring sadly to the time shared by an adoring father and his devoted son offers a heartfelt hilarious memoir

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    Funny but sad Title refers to the amount of time spent with his father who was busy working two jobs to support his wife and three sons Come to think of it most children only see their fathers on weekends they're too busy working to support their families The only difference here is that Billy's dad died when he was 15 That's why it was only 700 But the Billy Crystal humor comes through here and he shows where it lot of it came from Not sure if the book came before the play or not but I saw the dramatization on HBO I think Very true to the book Brought me laughter and tears at a time when I needed them

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    My girlfriend Liz lent me a copy of this I liked it so much I got a copy to BookCross It's not a deep or profound book but is a funny touching tale of a boy's love for his family and lifeFunny funny man I found myself snickering and giggling at some of his throw away lines I had to read about a dozen of them out to mr czukgrandpa's tea drinking toots and farts mother of the lesbian bride the face Billy discovers his boy partsBut the thing that blew me away was that his family founded Commadore records the fabulous jazz record company And all the musicians Billy knew when he was a kid Mr Billy and Miss Billie go see Shane Billy's uncle produced Strange Fruit Wow talk about some of the greats being the touchstones of your life Blows me away

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    You'd expect a comic genius like Billy Crystal to write an incredibly funny book but the fact that it's also deeply moving might come as a surprise 700 Sundays is Billy's tribute to his fatherwho died when Billy was a teenager and his large and jovial family full of characters who provided the encouragement and support he needed to become a successful comedian This book's only flaw is that it's too short Those who are looking for a conventional Biography full of career highlights will be disappointed but those who take the time to read this book will be richly rewarded

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    I really enjoyed this adaption of Billy Crystal's stage play I would definitely recommend seeing the special if at all possible as much of the humor comes from Crystal's rapid fire delivery The book actually was stronger when he simply told the story of his family and their impact on the jazz scene in New York as well as other serious stories

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    uick read I like Billy Crystal so it was interesting to read a little bit about his life If you read the book you will understand the title and the significance

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    700 Sundays by Billy Crystal was one of the most heart clenching books i've ever read The book is about the young life from the birth until college days for well known celebrity Billy Crystal Billy talks about his time spent in Long Beach NY and the happinessadventures and the short time he spent with his dad Billy uses characterizationsetting and symbolism to further grip the readers heart The use of charcterization in the story is very important because it gives the reader info on how the character looks For example on p 76 Rip was a very charismatic kid He was handsome a talenter musican and dancer and girls loved him This use of characterization was showing that Rip was a very popular kid and one of the kids you always wanted to be friends with Characterization is very important to the movement of the story The setting of the story makes the story easier to fully grasp The main setting of the story is in Long Beach New York There are sum subsettings that are involved in the story like Yankee Stadium and the commodore music shop Yankee stadium comes into play because the Crystal family were giant Yankee fans and passed by it often on their way home Commodore music shop was the music store that was handed to Billys father by the old owner Milt and it became the biggest jazz store in the world and shipped records all over the world Symbolism I believe is the most important part of the book The symbolism of the book is in the title 700 sundays The symbolism is the 700 sundays are sybolizing the short time Billy and his family spent with his Father Jack His father suddenly and out of nowhere died of a heart attack while bowling in his bowling league Billy did the math and put together the amount of time 700 sundays that is all the time that he spent with his dad No kid so young should have to go through the losing of a loved one Overall this book was a very good choice that i read It was very hard to put the book down because there were so much detail on every page I really loved all of the devices that were used because it made it a lot easier to see the messages Next time you see one of your loved ones make sure you tell them you love them because you never know what can happen just like in Billy's case

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    This story was funny and sad at the same time I could relate to how Billy Crystal felt with the passing of his dad and mother It was as if I was right there with him as he was telling the story and his funny relatives I laughed my head off I loved everything about this book Of course I had to watch it on TV over and over I have an appreciation for this wonderful man that I did not have before even though he has always been one of my favorite comedians and actor Everyone should get this and read it If I could give it than five stars I wouldJeannie Walker Award Winning Author

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    Who knew Billy Crystal's life was touched by so many different characters and cultures This book focuses on his father mostly and the estimated amount of time he had to spend with his family Like many fathers back then they only had 1 day a week to spend together And if you were lucky you looked forward to it Billy adds in the personalities of so many other characters that touch his life through the years There's the LI mobster Billy's extended family complete with accents and baggage his neighborhood friends the jazz musicians his high school friends his sports friendsI started to wonder how much was embellished But it was entertaining and if it was mostly true you can understand why Billy can be such a chameleon when it comes to imitating people There are a few gems of wisdom in there as well such as the uote that says heroes are in our own families and some insights into fatherson relationships Billy can be profound as well as funny It was an enjoyable mostly light read that reminded me of Sam Levenson

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    A moving memoir about the time that Billy Crystal had with his father before his father's death a span of what he figures was 700 Sundays

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    Fun and moving memoir of a supportive and loving family Short and uick read I enjoyed it very much