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Free Prime Anarchism: A Collection of Revolutionary WritingsAuthor Pyotr Kropotkin –

I felt that Revolutionary Pamphlets was a very good summary of anarchism and revolutionary thoughts Generally, many of the ideas are good or nice ideals However, in practice, these theories rarely result in the utopia sought Kropotkin is an excellent writer and I found his exposition on prisons to be very through and thoughtful That being said, he did of course spend some time in prison and had some first hand experience.I did find him to be rather na ve when he discusses how the people will simply agree on what things are good and bad for society Of course, most of us can agree on the difference between good and evil, and classify what falls into those categories on a broad basis However, it is extremely simplistic to believe that people will agree on HOW something is to be done There are always an endless number of opinions and to believe that people will kumbaya their way to a consensus is faulty Even the simplest of possibilities cannot be finished without some sort of disagreement We can ultimately agree that something needs to be done, but there are enough NIMBY people out there to hamper even the most well meant projects out there Hence, you likely need some form of authority to make decisions, as you won t be able to make everyone happy I found somewhat this statement rather humorous variety, conflict even, is life and that uniformity is death He found out the hard way how communism brings in the definition of uniformity so it wouldn t be something you want to promote That being said, I know once communism was established in Russia and he saw how things fell out he was not pleased and retracted many of his former pro statements on communism.Overall, I found it a worthwhile read. Amazing, even those most critical of anarchism will be swayed by Kropotkin s direct and arousing call to action While reading this book, don t be surprised if you sit back for a few minutes wondering how smart a person can be I recommend it to anyone beginning to get into political philosophy, regardless of their political inclinations Using the science of evolution and morals, Kropotkin leads us towards a society which might not be as unatainable as previously thought.. Important Writings By The Leading Theorist Of Anarchism, Including The Brief But Moving Spirit Of Revolt, Law And Authority, An Argument For Social Control Through Custom And Education, And Other Documents An Invaluable Addition To The Libraries Of Instructors, Students, And Anyone Interested In History, Government, And Anarchist Thought There is a bit about prisons in here that is great, and also one on ethics that is wonderful I guess Kropotkin got pissed off cuz a bunch of anarchos were just borrowing books from the anarchist book store and not bringing em back it s anarchy, dude and he had to school em, so that s why his essay on ethics ever since i read that, i ve been noticing that some of the people most opposed to even talking about anarchism are the ones most likely to be breaking the rules in the system they support. Spirit of Revolt remains one of may favourite anarchists texts despite my anarchism and communism having drifted significantly from kropotkin s So far This seminal Anarchist is expanding my view of how socialism could have engaged so many in revolutionary action and still is a powerful force that is attractive for many His hard line Anarchism is pretty idealistic and I love that it is so far just that An Ideal, but one to engage with. Kropotkin is fundemental to the teachings of Left doctrine, but importantly what The Church should aspire to be in regards of altruism especially in the United states. A great start for those who want to grasp the true meaning of anarchist philosophy A great collection and a must. imdi en nemlisi, hedeflerimiz i in k sa ve kesin bir ifade bulmak ve hangi y ne do ru ilerleyece imizi belirtmektir Gelece i in a etti imiz kadar, ge mi i y kmak This was a rather interesting book to read It lays out the principals and inspirations of anarchist thought fairly clearly While Kropotkin doesn t write in an overly ornate or elaborate fashion, he also avoids oversimplifying his style to the point of simply being boring or insulting either It s clear the author was passionate in his beliefs, and he does a very good job of laying out his plan for what an anarchist society should look like in clear and concrete terms, rather than simply leaving life after the supposed revolution as some sort of theoretical quagmire to be resolved once it s already become a reality However, I do dock a star because at times Kropotkin seems dreadfully na ve He constantly places a faith in humanity that seems borderline foolish, expecting the great majority of people to act out of complete altruism in his vision of an anarchist society.