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Hitch the ride of your life with Ira Teller as he journeys into the mysterious realms of science invents the Psi control Switch the most advanced technology in existence and teams up with Ryan Moran the singularly most powerful man in the world Ryan Moran a seemingly simple man in cowboy boots who drinks smokes and womanizes proves himself to be one of the world's most brilliant minds and together with adventurer Ira Teller endeavors to change the course of world history Will Ryan's first real love Erika coax him back to the pinnacle of the world's power structure? Find out as they endeavor to cultivate symmetry in their mercurial relationship Join Ira Teller and Ryan Moran on this amazing revelatory journey that reflects on our collective past and endeavors to transform our shared future Travel along their road and witness the rise of Ryan Moran's global control over existing nations Experience his might and power in his effort to achieve lasting world peace

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    What a beautiful book it's great I recommend you read it right away

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    This is a superior read For an author to make a biographical account interesting is a daunting tssk and the author was successful Moreover it is a fascinating view of history which accounts for much of how the world is really controlled This makes sense of the invisible hand that the talking heads in the news reports cannot explain It matches the views I have about corporate domination around the globe

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    i like this book