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A deliciously dark bubblegum gothic fairytale from a stunning new Australian talent ‘He's gone the same way as those little birds that bothered me with their awful songs And you will too you and your horrible heart music because you won't stay out of my woods'There's a dead girl in a birdcage in the woods That's not unusual Isola Wilde sees a lot of things other people don't But when the girl appears at Isola's window her every word a threat Isola needs helpHer real life friends – Grape James and new boy Edgar – make her forget for a while And her brother princes – the mermaids faeries and magical creatures seemingly lifted from the pages of the French fairytales Isola idolises – will protect her with all the fierce love they possessIt may not be enoughIsola needs to uncover the truth behind the dead girl's demise and appease her enraged spirit before the ghost steals Isola's last breath

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    Am I allowed to rate my own book? I suppose it must be so because no celestial Goodreadian deity has cursed me down yetAnyway this is my first ever book It's weird and creepy and lyrical and tender It's got grungy schoolgirls fizzy morsels of pop culture a book within a book and a sinister talking rabbit It's not just for girls Your grandpa would probably love itPlease come say hello to me on my twitter or on here or Facebook or on my Tumblr blog We can talk about books and dead poets and heart wrenching BBC programs and Harry Potter and the multiverse theory

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    Isola Wilde was watching television with her brother AlejandroShe was an only child c‘You smoke?’ said the boy‘Only passively’ said the girl‘I mean dope’‘What’d you call me?’ cAlejandro had told her that in his experience people were all about the empty spaces; the things they don’t have the words that aren’t saidshe had a secret universe a doctor once called a ‘fantastic flight of fancy’‘Never be that girl Isola Never pick the beast or the wolf on the off chance he won’t devour you’ that truthful darkness that never sought to light candles never tried to brighten the unhappy endings to whitewash horror with morals The stories were overwhelming reminders that evil begot evil bad things often happened to good people and that villains often triumphed These stories fables and memories are all true in one way or anotherThese stories are about you and meThese stories feature– girls who kill– girls who are killed– girls who are alive– and girls who are otherwise The slight wind fell silent to listen and she read aloud to the beglittered tree like the visitor to the hospital patientRoyalty’s a thing of the past The kingdom chooses their monarchNaturally they elect a wolf‘And don’t do anything I wouldn’t do’ ‘But there’s nothing you wouldn’t do’‘Exactly’ c

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    The cover of this book is beautiful though it does not prepare you at all for what's inside I couldn't put it down Like actually Father Daughter put the book down and eat dinnerMother Daughter put the book down and get ready for schoolFriend Oi put the book down and listen to my issuesTeacher Student put the book down and do some physicsMe This novelscared me confounded me turned my brain into moosh made me sleep with a light on cough captivated me I always feel the need to congratulate an author when they do such as it is uite a rare occurrence Often these days novels are so predictable and well too much of the same But not Fairy Tales for Wilde Girls Stunningly original I loved the characters and the way in which the book's written So I believe a round of applause is reuired for Allyse NearIsola is an awesome character Totally weird and gothic and individualistic with fashion and style and literary know how Yes her and I would most definitely be friends And although at first I found myself crippled with a severe case of 'mind fuck' everything came together Isola's 'princes' to which you have to abandon any previous childhood connotations Eg fairytale princes who constantly ride around swishing their beautiful golden locks swords and saving daft distressed anti feminists who need to grow a pair of doodleberries damsels I grew to love the princes and each of their stories and pasts espcially Alejandro Isola's brotherhottieghostprince ; You can haunt me anytime His ghostly goodlookingess is even reiterated in illustratedvisual form as there are beautiful drawings of some of the charcters inside the book The drawings are stunning and contain some hidden subtle symbolism so make sure you study them for a bit But seriously The picutre of AlejandroBoom MY DEPRIVED OVERIESAnd don't fret girls there is a romance Yeah I'm a sucker for it too godamn But the best part; it's not cliché or cheesy IT'S AWESOME AND CUTE AND WITTY AND CLEVER There's James who's been her friend since they were very little typical surfer cigarette smoking douchenozzle guy and Edgar the cute witty neighbourhood boy who draws cool shizzle Never have I found braces so endearingly attractive don't worry Alejandro I remain faithful to your beautiful twinkling Spanish eyes chiselled jaw and opium induced deadness And it's not at all a love triangle Allyse Near is far too good to stoop to such a clichéd nonsensical unoriginal ' plot device' yeah notice the dangling uotations marks that hopefully submerge the previous statement with the appropriate amount of skeptical disgust Anwyays I disgressThis book deals with some dark and pressing topics Dealing with grief death isolation bullying and mental illness yet Near does so in such a way that is vividly enchanting This is not at all to say that she glorifies them Near treats these topics with the appropriate amount of respect yet pulls of a realistic and believably endearing perception Admittedly at the start I did not like the 'notations' and 'play like layout' of some of the interludes but they grew fewer and when they did show up again later on I found I didn't mind at all I loved the stories little eerie fairytale like excerpts written by Isola's favourite author Lileo Lileo Disney any day This may be foolish but I'd never realised that the Disney fairytales were so inaccurate It was only after I did some research that I came to realise that no fairytales do not happen with happily ever afters all the time As Near said; Faeries don't have tails Honestly NearLileo are a geniusesAnd be prepared for plot twists There are several especially at the end Not to sound supercilious but a lot of the time I am able to predict endings of novels and whilst I will admit that I did predict that the novel would end in a similar way to which it did I missed one of the massive plot revelations and only half guessed at the other So again kudos Ms Near you're awesome I will be reading you again so write something else I won't spoil the end but I promise you won't be disappointed The only thing regarding this book that left me slightly disappointed was the blurb description Not a fan of the 'bubblegum gothic' description What kind of description is that? This book and writing style deserve a much better label So go on fellow bibliophiles Read it Do it I dare you And come out the other disliking the blurb but loving everything else And so concludes my first review Hope you liked

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    Bubblegum gothic is an apt description for this uniue novel I liked it a lot even though it confused me uite a bit Sort of reminded me of an even trippy The Raven Boys Never saw that ending coming eitherThe style is a little difficult at first but once you get used to it the story shines The prose is lyrical and the characterization of Isola is strong I think her brothers may have been my favorites thoughIf you want to read about faeries ghosts mermaids gargoyles witches unicorns fairy tales romance and goretastic escapades all at once this is your book4 stars Might reread and feel differently each time

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    Fairytales for Wilde Girls is Australian author Allyse Near’s first novel Set in the small village of Avalon in England sixteen year old Isola Wilde lives with her parents on the edge of Vivien’s Woods Isola has two best friends Grace aka Grape and James She also has friends that only she can see they are her brother princes named after a band of brothers in a fairytale She’s been able to see these ghostly friends since she was four years old they protect her and keep her company Her mother has depression and her father has given up on her refusing to acknowledge her mother’s presence Soon a ghost girl is threatening Isola’s life as well as her brother princes and she must figure out how to stop the girl from taking over her bodyIsola is a wonderful main character she has a uirkiness to her but is also loyal loving strong and brave She’s kind to her mother and loves her friends and brother princes I really felt for her as she’d been abandoned by her parents one voluntarily and the other involuntarily I adored new boy Edgar Llewellyn – I just knew he would be good for her and he was really sweet Grape was a great bff and while I didn't feel anything overtly strong for James he was a good friend to IsolaThe setting was wonderfully magical while still maintaining a realistic feel I could see hear and smell the woods and each seen was so vivid I often feel as though books are like movies playing in my head but in this case it was like someone had showed me a keyhole and I was looking through it onto Isola in her world much like the door into Alice’s WonderlandThe story is a uniue one and I loved the blend of fantasy and realism The characters are all so different yet each plays a big part and I had a strong sense of dread by about halfway through worried for the brother princesThe ending completely surprised me I took this book slowly enjoying and savouring it and didn't consider where it might be leading me It was really clever sad and hopeful and made me change my opinion on a couple of the charactersThe cover for this one is gorgeous and there are also matching illustrations inside which were a lovely addition to the story Fairytales for Wilde Girls is beautiful fairytale for young adult and adult readers It perfectly combines fantasy and a realistic cast and setting in an intriguing and beautiful wayThank you to the lovely people at Random House for my review copy

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    The time has come to say what I really think And what I really think is I FREAKING LOVED IT I honestly dont even know where to begin So I will subhead Lets do this thiiiingThe WritingAbove and beyond brilliant Allyse's style is one of its own so distinct that you could never mix her work up with anyone elses Theres a touch of the old school about it for me reminiscent of Dickens Austen the like But much fun and uirky Even uirky seems too simple of a word But there's something in the writing that is just above par with whats out there in this genre Young Adult I read a lot of young adult and I do enjoy my cheap easy reading fun But this was something else This was literature in dark young adult form And by gosh I pretty much devoured it in one sitting ok ok I read it in 2 days But it felt like one sitting It would've been one sitting if I DIDNT HAVE TO GO TO WORK ARGHHHHHHHH I'm back Anywho amazing writing Metaphors and the like were mind blowing Some descriptions so out there yet perfect that I actually had to read some passages over again just to get the full impact of what was being described to me Basically I think Allyse's writing conveys her love for literature in everysinglesentence Much like poetry not a single word is a throw away and if it is its been cut The CharactersWhat a rich and bold cast this is For me a lot of these characters are so much larger than life that sometimes I found myself visualising them in anime form They are just so big and loud and BRILLIANTTTT I loved the Princes They reminded me of all good fantasyanimegoodVSevil plights were the heroheroine gets hisher groupfollowersteamsailorscouts yeaaah you saw that coming who have her back and are in themselves amazing and stand on their own as representing something which ties in well with 'The Seventh Princess' fairytale on that later Basically I thought the six Princes were some of the most memorable supporting characters I have come across in reading especially the YA genre No card board cut outs here My favourite prince? This could be a random choice but I was really intrigued by Christobelle and I love love love LOVE her illustration LOVE DAMMIT Her backstory her eye patch eyepatch FTW her dark side her unpredictability Just so much awesomeness Oh Christobelle can you write a book just on her? Please? Pretty please? I'll be your slave for a month if you do Miss Near I BEG YOUAlso I really loved Edgar He was so sweet but believable And his moments with Isola were REALISTIC Not smarmy tear my eyes out slowly from the cornyness of it all 'your love is my drug' usual gagfest that YA has to offer This was real genuine teen interestlustcuriositypuppylove going on I dug it Because it was well written and it took its time to develop Cheers to that The FairytalesConfession time These fairytales were written so believable in the style reminiscent of Grimm Anderson etc etc that I actually thought for a while there that breathes in deeply LileoPardieuWasActuallyARealWriterPersonInRealLife starts choking from lack of air sorry sorry Im good Im good blushing STOP JUDGING ME HARRY I REALLY THOUGHT SHE WAS REAL OK I was at one point thinking 'man I thought I was into my fairytales but I am such a hack Maybe if I do a uick google of Ms Pardieu none will be the wiser' Of course I was too busy reading to do said google search and the convo in my head may not have gone down exactly like that but Im trying to keep this exciting ok but then there came a point in the book where Ive clicked that Lileo is another part of the puzzle in Fairytales for Wilde Girls view spoilerI had no idea she was Isola's mum though until the reveal More on that later hide spoiler

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    See reviews at YA Midnight Reads35 stars Mini reviewThank you Random House Australia for sending me this copy No compensation was given or taken to alter this review I wasn't necessarily disappointed with Fairytales for Wilde Girls I was at loss in anything Nevertheless Allyse Near's debut was rather pleasing despite a number of imperfections A mix between fantasy and contemporary despite the gorgeous cover this novel reaches some grittily suspenseful scenes with some patience The highlight of Fairytales for Wilde Girls had to be the writing Entirely beautiful and detailed Near's words seemed practically magical in a sense A highly commendable aspect here and definitely made me enjoy this novel to a larger extent reminded me a tinge of Markus Zusak This novel is character based our selection is a bit like a packet of colouring pencils all uniuely looking yet most revealing similar core features I'll introduce one to y'all It's called realism I bet you didn't know that The characters were by no means stereotypical but humorous believable and thoughtful My two favourites would be Isola and Edgar I just I have no words They are fantastic On the other hand a great contributing factor to my dislike was the monotonous beginning and snippets It took me time to devour this book the writing could get overly sophisticated and awkward instead and I just have no patience some days While this can seem like a small issue if really effected the way I saw this book for the last half full of reluctance and platitude Fairytales for Wilde Girls is really like a fairytale the characters were well crafted and the writing effortlessly accompanied the plot line well My boredom and plot that lacked coming through at times really disappointed me however Still recommended

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    From the first page of this wonderful book I knew it was going to be something special The writing style is uirky and densely poetic and you're thrown headlong into a world that blends magic realism urban fantasy and fairytale motifs It's rare to find a book that you want to keep reading not for the plot but for the details you hope to discover on the next page the world building and the juicy imagery that peppers the entire story My only worry was that I would get sick of the eclectic style this kind of poetic writing can work perfectly in a short story but be hard to sustain over 350 pages Never fear the plot pacing and character development are all eually good Near finds the perfect balance between stylistic flourishes and readabilityThis book can be read on several levels The fairytale elements are enjoyable in themselves but there's a serious commentary on mental health in there that gives weight to the fanciful aspects An ambiguity about whether the supernatural characters and events are real or in Isola's imagination pervades the whole narrative which allows the reader to enjoy the fantasy adventure plot and at the same time explore the idea of it as an allegory for mental illness view spoilerI'm a sucker for a book with a twist in the plot and this one really delivers The perfect twist is one you don't see coming but then has you thinking Of course How could I not have realised that? The truth about Isola's mother was one of these I now have to re read the whole book to look for the clues I missed the first time hide spoiler

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    I was given an ARC of this title at work and it is one of the most perfect books I've read in the last year Perhaps best summed up by the description given on the back cover bubblegum gothic love it it is both traditionally child fairytale traditional and adult dark fairytale in turnsNot one for younger readers as the mental health issues described are disturbing it is one I'll be recommending to teens and adults alike who love fairy stories something uirky completely unpredictable and breathtakingly beautiful An excellent choice for people who are interested in the art of writing too almost poetic in spots and with turns of phrase that are so original but oh so right wannabe authors could learn a lot from Allyse Near's writing

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    45 starsyays the writing THE WRITING THE WRITING the characters the plot pacing settingnays how the plot was written will explain in proper review the beginning ie first 50 pages or so really confused me wish that the whole james characterisation was a little in depthdrawn outexpect a review on friday link to review