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APRIL 1941With no European allies Britain has to ship fuel weapons and than half of its food across the Atlantic from Canada and the United States But slow moving cargo vessels make easy prey for packs of German submarinesHenderson and a team of young agents must go undercover to sabotage German U Boat operations If they dont succeed the British people face starvation

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    Like how this book gets straight into the action An easy read with lots happening Marked it down a star as there are a couple of crude parts that I didn't think needed to be included

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    i did not like the part when he died it was very anti climactic and i knew it was going to happen anyway i think if they used some short sentences it would really help add a sense of suspense

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    TW sexual assaultI got given this book maybe 4 or 5 years ago With that fact and the nature of the blurb I therefore came to it expecting an easy read suitable for younger teens however with a generally interesting and accessible plot It did not deliverFor the life of me I can't work out the target audience of this book To clarify I don't mean that this has a wide and varied target audience I mean that the components making up this book seem rushed mismatched and illogical and as such unsuited to any specific audience For example I have no issues with swearing but it has already been used so unnecessarily and excessively that I've found myself rolling my eyes With the simplistic sentences and 13 year old main character and most importantly the contexts they and other ill fitted jokes were used in I couldn't work out what the author was even attempting to achieve with these completely out of place comments? They set off after Marc had eaten and taken a shit I could pick that cheap lock with my penis Marc said contemptuouslyTo me expressions such as these have been used to in order to demonstrate Marc as being blunt and well exposed to adult situations and language he's rough and ready however it feels extremely forced and increases my frustration I find myself wondering why the author is putting effort into this rather than any other multitude of things It almost began to feel like he was going to throw in a lol rAndom XD comment every time the reader might be getting boredAt times this book is suggested as being a case of serious espionage and as readers we are informed of how experienced and intelligent Henderson is as well as how elite Marc is for his age Once they reach their first serious situation though we are told that Marc stifled a laugh which does nothing but contradict what was previously spelt out for us It appears to neither be a predominantly serious spy book nor a lighthearted one but eually it is not a balanced combination of the two Please Delphine sobbed as she writhed desperately I don't want to die I might even be able to help youHenderson laughed Not one of the deadly ones sweetie It'll just put you under for three of four hours Firsly I don't even have a vague clue of Henderson's age which is frankly not that helpful when I'm trying to imagine scenes But secondly back to the scene at hand this whole interaction seems entirely condescending and leaves me feeling as though the pair's attitudes to women probably aren't considerably better than that of the man who'd been with her priorThis is the beginning of a crucial mission yet they don't seem professional they don't seem polished Maybe that's part of the fun of it for some people however that's personally not the case for me I love a story that encompasses both humour and a serious plot but this isn't one of those stories it all feels somewhat muddled and mismatchedAnother irk of mine is the badly thought out movementsdescriptions of environments By the 2nd chapter I'd already come across this faulty section You want me to come over there? Gerhardt bellowed but he turned back towards the pill box His heart was set on sex rather than violenceThe shooting game had run out of steam and one of the officers shouted More drink to cheers from colleagues who followed him to the houseCaptain Gerhardt seemed pleased with himself as he turned back towards the girl in the pill box Now let's sort you out eh?Am I wrong here or did they just have Captain Gerhardt turning back towards the pill box twice?? He never stopped turning around?? And the structure of the second sentence implies the first one was never made? Or did they just really want to hammer home how much he was looking forward to rping this girl by repeating almost the exact same sentence? Who knows I understand that errors can be made but to be as careless as to miss this in the SECOND chapter just doesn't bode well for meI also have no clue as to why Henderson gives Marc high energy chocolate and condensed milk which is specifically described as being an extremely rare luxury for his first meal while on their mission Why would they eat rare rationed food? And no the author throwing in that it's high energy chocolate doesn't brush it under the carpet and suddenly make it all logical I'm assuming we're expected to presume and believe that out of the euipment and necessities they brought across this was one of them? She looked stunning in bright red lipstick and a well fitted Wren's uniform As Boo awaited her turn with the baby Henderson walked behind his desk with one eye on the pile in his in tray and the other on Boo's slender waist and pert bottom view spoiler We are talking about his and his WIFE'S new born baby in the latter sentence hide spoiler

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    As all other books in this series I have enjoyed this one to

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    I said in one of my other reviews of this series about the ability of a woman to overcome her weaknesses to kick ass And that is definitely true in these books but the attitude of men in Henderson's Boys and the Cherub series is appalling While some degree of disregard for women's feelings and pushing for sex is realistic the extent that these men do is not only disgusting but wrong And it's wrong on many levels Not just because it does paint all men with the same brush and the fact is not all men are alike to this extent but also because it sets a bad example and precedent for males reading this series Sure the females mostly fight back but they also shouldn't have to Being treated like crap or being pushed into sex or being talked about with such casual disregard is wrong PT is a disgusting pig James Adams is a disgusting pig A couple of incidents would be reasonable to include because sexual harassment and assault is a reality for many women But every malefemale interaction is a bit much More importantly by not teaching boundaries and having men respect those boundaries we're essentially saying this behaviour is okay And I'm not sure that the interactions and reactions of the characters to these incidents accurately or realistically conveys the seriousness and reprehensible nature of these actionsAs such I didn't like this book anywhere near as much as the others in the series Plus there wasn't as much Rosie or Marc or Paul in this book and as they're my favourites this one felt lacking I'm also concerned about Rosie and Henderson Henderson is a lecherous pig and it's like I keep waiting for him to decide Rosie is old enough to pursue he went after Boo uickly enough

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    A group of young agents have to stop Germany from sabotaging the English ships from giving the England troops food but slow moving cargo vessels make easy prey for packs of German submarines This book made me think about all the conflict around the world when they blew up the bunker and started a riot in the book “be in touch before the end of the day” but there was no responseThe writer is teaching us that some people want to see the world in their own way because they think everyone would be better in their way

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    When you read this book you feel like you are reading a story that really happened Mucha explores the historic facts around the fictional storyline like a pro

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    It was a good book which i enjoyed reading

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    Originally posted on ThirstforFictioncomAfter spending several months in Britain training to be spies Henderson’s espionage group is ready to embark on a multi month mission in occupied France Their mission to seek out ways of disrupting the German U Boat submarine programme a venture that is slowly pushing Britain back from their command of the oceans It’s dangerous but necassary particularly now as the German forces renew their clash with Britain The sabotage has to be discreet otherwise there will be conseuences But just how discreet can the six kids make it? All hell shall be unleashedAnother classic Mucha novel Grey Wolves returns back to occupied France after Secret Army the previous novel which was largely based in Britain Looking over my review of Secret Army I was glad that at last we’d get to see of wartime Britain With reading Grey Wolves I’m glad that we get to see of France in one long suspenseful missionI often hear friends of mine saying that Henderson’s Boys isn’t as good as the original CHERUB ever was and I’m inclined to disagree with them After 12 novels CHERUB was getting incredibly repetitive and setting a teen spy novel against the backdrop of the 1940s makes it uniuely different to most teen spy series The war time spin allows for a continuous thread to span throughout the novels and really helps in bringing them together and making them feel less episodic Apart from that it’s a lot fun to see “proper” and potentially deadly overseas missions ocurringGrey Wolves is written in the typical bare bones descriptive style of Robert Mucha I can’t really complain; his style gets the job done and pushes forward the action with precision I don’t expect my spy novels to be written with much artistic language and Mucha’s direct style allows him to connect with the reader especially the teenage reader After all I don’t read a spy novel for the prose but for the thrills I’ll get from reading fast paced gritty action continue reading