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This is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B00DX82WDOOne day your three cats disappear the next day your girlfriend And you think something that’s living in your basement killed them You’ve seen it before out of the corner of your eye but told yourself it was one of the cats Now you disappearAt a gruesome murder scene Detective Carter and Sergeant Alvarez must uncover the truth of how the victim actually died What they discover is evidence of an unknown creature Do they dare go into the basement to confront it? Who will survive?

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    46% five star reviews? Hmmm someone has a lot of friends don’t they?So now for an honest reviewI picked this one up after numerous Goodreads recommendations without realising that it’s self published I normally avoid self published work for good reason; the traditional publishing route has a manuscript judged by an agent and at least one editor before it reaches the public There’s a level of pre release criticism from industry professionals that while not always comfortable for the author at least has him or her attending to any weaknesses before the work is printed Not so with self publishingIT LIVES IN THE BASEMENT it has to be said that’s a truly brilliant title has at heart some good ideas and because I have nothing but admiration for aspiring authors who actually get down to the hard slog of writing as opposed to just talking about it I’m going to be as constructive as possible in my commentsFirst the contents What you have here is a very short novella consisting of three chapters each of which is or less a short story in its own right There’s then an unconnected “Christmas tale” plus a sample from another of the author’s projects I didn’t read the latter two items as I was only interested in the IT LIVES IN THE BASEMENT section Of this the first two chapters are uite satisfying though stylistically faulted The third which is by far the longest is the weakest and most frustratingThe theme is pretty intriguing Ancient gods aliens experimented with life on Earth and destroyed their failures However one such misbegotten creature escaped destruction and has secretly survived through the centuries feeding off humans while also using them as a part of its peculiar reproductive cycle with a nod to the ALIEN movies Some of this is pretty horrific and I can imagine it being very well handled by one of the “splatterpunk” authors such as Richard Laymon Brian Keene Edward Lee or Jack Ketchum Unfortunately Sahara Foley hasn’t yet developed her talent to anywhere close to their level so what we get is an adult and sometimes very explicit and violent story being written in a style that feels very unsophisticated and immatureTo identify just a few specific problemsThe dialogue is wholly unconvincing Characters say things no normal person would say and they’re forever addressing each other by name John which sounds really weird doesn’t it John? Yes Tom it sure doesThere are too many redundancies and repetitions in the textThe passive voice is used too freuently which pushes the narrative into telling rather than showingThe POV skips between characters which again emphasises telling over showingThen we have that third chapter Ouch It feels hastily written and brings the tale to a close in a sudden arbitrary and very disappointing mannerThese are all “rookie errors” that I’d expect to see from students in a creative writing class but not in a book that I’m holding in my hand That’s the problem with self publishing; as a reader you can end up buying material from an “author in training” rather than from a “professional” Certainly I’d encourage Sahara to keep writing but and forgive me if this sounds harsh on the basis of this volume I don’t think she’s yet reached what I consider to be publication standard

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    Drew me right into the story right away Couldn't go to sleep the rest of the night Why do I even do this to myself? If horror is your thing this will definitely keep you up at night

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    It Lives in the Basement should be reuired reading on Halloween night especially when out camping the woods This novella is a great monster story guaranteed to ensure that you never see a toilet in the same way again or ignore that little flutter in the shadows you think is a trick of light The author starts us on this dark journey with a cold opening that tells us immediately what we’re in for Police Lieutenant Flynn has been called in to investigate the disappearance of John Sempek and Pat Forbes a couple living with their three cats in a house on South 18th Street When he discovers a notebook left by John Flynn like the reader is immediately drawn in The novella can be broken up into three separate acts beginning with Lt Flynn’s journey into John Sempek’s mind through his notebook John is a writer who is aware that his imagination can sometimes lead him astray As a result he uses this as a way to explain some of the curious things that are taking place in his house Of all the characters in this novella it is probably John that speaks to us best since his dismissal of the lurking horror is something we would do ourselves when confronted by a similar situation The second act that introduces us to Detective Pete Alvarez coincides with the death of an immigrant in the same locale some years later Alvarez is your classic exposition character who is rather one dimensional His part in this tale is to tell the reader what kind of menace we’re dealing with and he seems to have little interest in his peers beyond how they can assist him to catch his white whale That being said kudos to the author for the creation of a truly disturbing creature While not uite elevated to the heights of Geiger’s alien the biology of the tescara will make you flinch and be grateful it exists only in fiction The third act moves into twists and turns as dark as the tunnels our protagonist choose to enter in order to hunt the tescara The feeling of claustrophobia and dread pursues the readers as much as the characters and the ending is like a gut punch that does not fade with the end of the story The author’s note at the end of the tale reveals that she had put this novella together based on her husband’s work This might explain some of the flaws in an otherwise excellent story Characters are established but only a few are truly fleshed out Perhaps the economy is necessary when writing a novella but a little characterisation would have helped the flow of the story a bit better Sempek Flynn and Daniels get the best of it while others like Alvarez and Sagano suffer from the lack of attention The acts also do end a bit abruptly particularly the first and the second One gets the sense that the author was working with notes and tried to tell the best story she could with what was available If there were typos in this story as a reader I did not notice them The build up from act to act made me want to reach the end so I was not distracted by such issues The conclusion achieves what any good horror story should aspire to frightening us silly while at the same time entertaining us completely It Lives in the Basement does both uite magnificently

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    Just when you thought you had outgrown that fear of THE BASEMENT cue evil music Sahara Foley comes along and gives us all one reason to avoid THE BASEMENT Animals and people alike are disappearing after going into the basement Where did they go? What happened to them? What is killing them and does it live in your basement or are you just one stop in a row of many?It Lives in the Basement is a dark and gruesome tale of suspense and horror and the police are baffled What they discover is a nightmare of epic proportions brutal and gory ‘They’ are legion and no one is safe Will they live to tell the tale or will brave souls become fodder for the creatures hiding below the earth? Where did they come from and why do they seem indestructible? The uestions are endless the answers are few but the danger is everywhere and just maybe they are in YOUR basement tooI need to thank Sahara Foley for resurrecting my childhood fear of the family basement while holding my imagination captive to her well crafted tale Short but long enough to raise the hairs on the back of your neck any longer and I’m sure I’d be sleeping with the lights on and I don’t even have a basement any Go ahead read it and test your meddle I dare youI received this copy from Sahara Foley in exchange for my honest reviewPublisher Creativia; 7 edition January 11 2014Publication Date January 11 2014ISBN 13 9781530050178Genre Horror |scifiPrint Length 139 pagesAvailable from |  Barnes NobleFor Reviews More

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    The cover of this book caught my interest the first time I saw it as did the title I am a huge Stephen King fan and I love horror Who can resist picking up a book called ‘It lived in the basement’ And I wasn’t disappointed Though the story is short it is engrossing It has been well written and keeps your attention throughout For the best experience switch off the lights get under the blanket and read it with a flashlight Sahara Foley has an exceptional style of writing and I hope to read horror stories from this talented author

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    This horror novel wastes no time in getting readers wondering the hell is going on and why people are going missing in the same house This is a horror that does contain a lot of violence blood guts and gore but not just for the sake of it There is an interesting story behind the events told by a police officer who believes the cause of the disappearances is down to something he's been looking into for yearsI liked the mix of characters and personalities and how everyone had a reason for wanting to help investigate the disappearances The pace of the story varies Sometimes it's frantic whilst in other parts it's slower as the possibilities to solve the case are explored and discussed One scene in particular made me suirm as I read Any other men who read this book will know which part I mean The ending did seem a bit sudden I was hoping for as I was enjoying the story Nothing wrong with how the book ended it just seem to happen uicker than I was expectingRecommended to all who love bloody graphic horrorthrillersuspense

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    Man if I were running for the position of president of the USA I would totally abolish basements Who is with me?

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    NO JUST NOThis had to be a joke I was totally duped I'm annoyed This was an awful novellaReview later today

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    OK I finished this book It was entertaining and interesting I liked the plot but would have enjoyed it if it was developed better into a longer story with twists and turns I would have loved for this book to have had a better ending Did I enjoy reading it? Yes Would I read it ever again? No I change my rating from 2 to 3 starsI am than half way through this book and in some ways I love this book and in other ways I hate it I love the originality of the story it is definitely keeping my attention I hate all of the many typos I keep coming across Who edited this book?? I do not find this book so far very scary I have actually laughed a lot at some of the so called scary parts I would categorize this as Bizarro Fiction than I would Thriller or Horror To me I find this story to be strange unnatural and bizarre Anyway this is just my two cents for what it's worth I'm going to finish it now and maybe my rating will go up one star maybe down one Wait and see

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    A uick enjoyable creepy read If you love horror stories that make you want to leave the lights on at night and induce paranoia about everyday activities this short novel is just the thing for you Delivers very nicely from start to finish A lot better than most of the stuff coming down the pipeline these days Don't sit on the toilet