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Rob Lowe is back with stories he only tells his best friendsWhen Rob Lowe's first book was published in 2011 he received the kind of rapturous reviews that writers dream of and rocketed to the top of the bestseller list Now in Love Life he expands his scope using stories and observations from his life in a poignant and humorous series of true tales about men and women art and commerce fathers and sons addiction and recovery and sex and loveIn Love Life you will find stories about• Kissing Unexpectedly• The secrets they don't teach you in acting school• His great great great great great grandfather's role in the American revolution• Parks and Recreation Behind the Candelabra and Californication• Trying to coach a kids' basketball team dominated by helicopter parents• The hot tub at the Playboy mansion• Starring in and producing a flop tv series• Camping at Sea World• Playing saxophone for president Bill Clinton• The first journey to college with his son• Warren Beatty• The benefits of marriageThroughout this entertaining book you will find yourself in the presence of a master raconteur a multi talented performer whose love for life is as intriguing as his love life

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    I LOVED Rob Lowe I had posters on my wall and everything My favorite movie was St Elmo's Fire or pretty much any Brat Pack movie I still like him even after all these years and I was looking forward to reading his book but I feel a bit let down I actually wish I had listened to the audio as maybe him speaking would have made a difference It also took me uite some time to read I started it months ago and finally finished it a week or so ago Of course I often start too many books at once so that's not new I read his first book Stories I Only Tell My Friends a few years ago and uite enjoyed it I didn't hate this book it had some really good parts I just didn't enjoy it as much as I thought I would The book is well written but at times it felt like it was bouncing around from one topic to another and back again There were a few times that I felt like I was reading stories that were already in his previous book I also found he talked a lot about acting techniues While I'm sure some people would be thrilled to read about his techniues I felt it was a bit muchI did enjoy some parts of the book but I guess I just expected I enjoyed reading about him as a husband and father When he talked about his son Matthew leaving the nest for college I was touched All in all it was a decent book but I enjoyed the first one a lot However I must give credit where credit is due Rob Lowe has proven that he's much than just a pretty face but his face is definitely pretty

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    Rob LoweRob Lowe is an American actor who became famous for his roles in young adult films like 'The Outsiders' and 'St Elmo's Fire' Afterwards Lowe co starred in several TV series including 'The West Wing' 'Brothers and Sisters' and 'Parks and Recreation' The eternally youthful celebrity now stars in 'Code Black'In this second memoir by the actor Lowe talks about being a husband and father TV shows and films he's made partying and drinking during his younger years he's a recovering alcoholic his interest in history and politics his family and Rob Lowe with his wife Sheryl BerkoffRob Lowe with his sons Matthew Edward right and John Owen leftLowe tells a moving story about sending his first born son off to college and a hilarious tale of inadvertently fooling an audience including President Clinton with his fake saxophone playing Unfortunately Barbra Streisand found out and tattled to Clinton Lowe tells several stories about the HBO movie Behind the Candelabra starring Michael Douglas and Matt Damon in which Lowe is almost unrecognizable in the role of a plastic surgeon hired by Liberace Rob Lowe is almost unrecognizable in 'Behind the Candelabra' Some of my favorite anecdotes are about the craft of acting where Lowe provides hints about what we can look for to separate great actors from not so good ones Rob Lowe with John TravoltaRob Lowe with Sam NeillRob Lowe with Kristin DavisRob Lowe with Gwyneth Paltrow I listened to the audio version of this book narrated by the author which is a treat because Lowe skillfully mimics the voices of some featured celebrities Some of the stories fall a little flat but there are plenty of good ones to make up for it I enjoyed the book and recommend itYou can follow my reviews at

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    I started out liking this book as I had enjoyed Rob Lowe's first memoir But then I came to page 205 really it was almost the end of the book and these sentences Has there ever been a horrific barrier to reading than the Dewey Decimal System? No wonder libraries are becoming irrelevant Bash Dewey all you want but don't say that libraries are irrelevant I know that I didn't purchase this book I borrowed it from the library Good thing

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    I could not finish this book I had really enjoyed Rob Lowe's first memoir Stories I Only Tell My Friends but this one seemed scattered and unnecessary To the Meh shelf with you

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    I love Rob Lowe as a writer He appeals to the movie lover in me He can describe an entire arc of emotion by referencing a scene from a famous movie and I totally GET ITBut there's to Rob Lowe than the famous Brat Packer He's a loving father a devoted husband a recovering alcoholic an actor a friendhe explores so much of himself that I feel like I know him He not big on telling stories about famous people and some people might not pick this up but he really only tells stories and they are touching stories about famous people who've passed If they are still alive then he won't tell you who he is talking about The other thing I love about Rob Lowe is he's not a victim Things happen to him that suck but he manages to turn it around into learning experiences He is able to pick himself back up and doesn't write anything in self pity I admire thatHis stories are funny Really funny One story had me laughing so hard I couldn't read the next sentence one word Bigfoot His stories are touching His stories are honest He's not a perfect man but he's pretty awesome

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    For serious Rob Lowe fangirls I give it a 35 star but I'm being generous with the other5 star bc of the swoony end chapter he wrote about his wife I have no idea if he had writing help but for someone made from unicorn tears he's a pretty decent author And now I feel compelled to watch St Elmo's Fire and About Last Night again I watched both of those movies about a millionty times as a kid far before it was appropriate to do so But it cemented my everlasting crush on Mr Lowe Well done sir

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    Rob Lowe reveals that he is TOTALLY THE WORST in this book And TOTALLY THE WORST WRITER More gifs to comedreams die so hardI'M SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS THANKS SUZANNE

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    I LOVE LOVE LOVED Rob Lowe’s book Things I Only Tell My Friends when I listened to it on audio in 2011 His narration is superb and if you are an audio person and seriously even if you are not you are in for a super treat by listening to either of his booksIn Love Life Rob oh may I call him Rob? ; not only covers his loves through his life of family relationships and his sons; but also his love of acting Just listening to him share some of his moments from Behind The Candelabra Killing Kennedy The Stand and Untouchable just to name a few caused me to go out and rent some of these movies Just a couple of days ago I watched Behind The Candelabra and tonight I hope to see Untouchable; two of the movies Rob discusses as taking great liberties with his character and finding it to pay off “Adventure is important in life Making memories matters It doesn’t have to be a secret seaplane and a historic sports moment but to have a great life you need great memories Grab any intriguing offer Say yes to a challenge and to the unknown Be creative in adding drama and scope to your lfe Work at it like a job Money from effort comes and goes but effort from imagination and following adventure creates stories that you keep forever And anyone can do it” ― Rob Lowe Love Life What is enjoyable about this audio for someone like me who grew up on his movies is not only the memories; but also to listen to his humor as he describes totally blowing lines during a live show where he actually gave away part of the plot that should not have been released yet; but in a panic recovered nicelyIt’s also refreshing to listen to someone who truly loves his wife and his family; and instead of the so often “its all about me you can hear in memoirs” you can tell that Rob truly loves his wife as much as he did when he married her and adores his two sons who he has made a n effort as they have grown to be a part of their every day lives separating the husband and dad from the actorFinely written and utterly engaging if you have any interest at all in the man his career in front of the screen and behind the scenes or the movies he partakes in the ones he wanted to be and the ones he should have been in absolutely do not hesitate to read on listen to this bookI eagerly await what he will write about nextFor reviews like this check out my site

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    Love Life? Are you for serious? Does it include the story about having videotaped sexytimes with a minor? Super Creepy Rob Lowe wasn't always a joke kids Sometimes it’s best just to not remind people of your “love life” Oh and also Because I’m 12 and every time I watch that episode I ‘bout wet my panties

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    So first to set expectations this book is less about Rob Lowe's Love Life than an instruction from him for you to love life For those looking for juicy tidbits about his romantic or sexual escapades you may be disappointed There are certainly a few of those yes but most of the book is not focused on them I will admit Rob Lowe is my all time celebrity crush since the early 80s I stuck by him in the lean years and am happy to see his recent successes His first book Stories I Only Tell My Friends was wonderful After that this book is a bit of a let down There are some wonderful parts to it and some less wonderful It felt a little all over the place with no clear logic as to what stories he included in the book and why in this particular order In many places he throws around the names of his celebrity friends and co workers and then in other stories some of the ones in which you'd most want to know who he is writing about he leaves them unnamed Overall the book does give you insight in Rob's life as a happily married man involved father and successful actor There are some great moments about his appreciation for life and thoughts to how we can all enjoy and appreciate our own lives As a fan I enjoyed the book but felt it could have used a better editing job to craft it into something even better than it is and as well done as his first one