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From New York Times Bestselling And Edgar Award Winning Author Peter Robinson Comes This Gripping Thriller In The Tradition Of Louise Penny And Elizabeth George Set In A Picturesque Yorkshire Village During The Upcoming Christmas Seasonbut One Of Its Residents Will Not Be Celebrating This HolidayChief Inspector Alan Banks Knows That Secrecy Can Sometimes Prove Fatal, And Secrets Were The Driving Force Behind Caroline Hartley S Life And DeathShe Was A Beautiful Enigma, Brutally Stabbed In Her Own Home Three Days Prior To Christmas Leaving Her Past Behind For A Forbidden Love Affair, She Mystified Than A Few And Now She Is Dead, Clothed Only In Her Unshared Mysteries And Her BloodIn This Season Of Giving And Forgiving, Banks Is Eager To Absolve The Innocent Of Their Sins But That Must Wait Until The Many Facets Of A Perplexing Puzzle Are Exposed And The Dark Circle Of His Investigation Finally Closes And When A Killer Makes The Next MovePast Reason Hated Is A Relentlessly Suspenseful Novel That Shows Why Peter Robinson Is One Of The World S Most Acclaimed And Popular Mystery Writers A slight hiccup in the series for me Chief Inspector Alan Banks faces a crime that appears to be motivated by the victims sexuality The plot limps along a little, Banks is static in what readers discover of him and the characters take on a stereotypical tone, with little depth Readable, but a little one dimensional I am looking forward to the next instalment picking up the pace, the subtle nuances and good old fashioned detective work. I didn t like this book as much as the previous one Usually the killer least one expected is revealed in the final chapters after obtaining multiple clues through the investigation In this one, however you get a hunch about his her identity after finishing 60% of the story And I hate it when my hunch is right Other than that it was a fine book.Chief Inspector Alan Banks is called to investigate the murder of Caroline Hartley who s found stabbed to death at her home Just like her death, Caroline s life was mysterious even among the people who knew her, so Banks starts digging into her past However, suspects emerge as he keep digging and everyone is hiding something. Poor Chief Detective Inspector Alan Banks You would think Christmastime in the Yorkshire Dales, where he works, would be a slow time, giving him time to spend with his wife Sandra and his children, Tracy and Brian No such luck It is only after Caroline Hartley, the manager of an Eastvale caf and an enthusiastic newcomer to the Eastvale Amateur Theatrical Society, is found stabbed to death that so many secrets come to light her lesbian relationship with the wife of a renowned classical composer, her wild years in London, her childhood Where in this 26 year old woman s life lies the key to why she was brutally killed With her lover, Veronica Sheldon With Veronica s estranged husband, Claude Ivers, who believes that Caroline enticed his wife away from him With Gary Hartley, Caroline s much younger brother, who resents her fleeing the family home and leaving him to cope with their invalid father With one of Caroline s castmates from the Eastvale Amateur Theatrical Society With someone from Caroline s six years in London, about which no one seems to know much Or does the key lie elsewhere Past Reason Hated, although a bit dated when it comes to same sex relationships the novel was first released in 1992 , doesn t quite measure up to the suspense of A Dedicated Man or The Hanging Valley, but I enjoyed this novel just the same It was nice to get to know Susan Gay, newly minted as a detective constable, a little better and to see Banks back in his London milieu. Neil Pearson does a fine job of reading Peter Robinson s fifth story featuring Chief Inspector Alan Banks Unfortunately the story does not live up to the quality of the narration, the suspects are never fully developed beyond shallow stereotypes.Hopefully this is just a weak entry in what is proving to be a highly entertaining series.