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uick witted and cocksure young upstart Capac Raimi arrives in the City determined to make his mark As he learns the tricks of his new trade from his Uncle Theo he's soon on his way to becoming a promising new gangster Then he crosses paths with The Cardinal and his life changes forever

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    Procession of the Dead The City Trilogy #1 DB ShanProcession of the Dead is a book written by Darren O'Shaughnessy commonly known by his pen name Darren Shan that was originally published in February 1999 in the UK under the name of Ayuamarca It is the first book in The City Trilogy It was re released in March 2008 following Darren Shan's popularity under the new 'Procession' titleتاریخ نخستین خوانش دوازدهم ماه جلای سال 2011 میلادیعنوان تجارت مرگ؛ نویسنده دارن شان؛ مترجم میترا ایزدمهر؛ ویراستار و صفحه آراآرمان دیانت مهر؛ طراح جلد امیر افکاری؛ کتاب الکترونیکی؛ وبسایت رهگذران؛ در 315 صفحه؛ موضوع وحشتتجارت مرگ جلد نخست از سه گانه ای به نام «شهر» است این اثر بیشتر برای مخاطبین بزرگسال نوشته شده است ا شربیانی

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    How I Came To Read This Book The fine folks at Harper Collins sent me an advance readers editionThe Plot Capac is a young man that's recently arrived in 'The City' where he uickly gets involved in his Uncle's life of crime It doesn't take long for Capac to catch the eye of The Cardinal the primo mob leader in town and the true force behind everything that happens in the city However as Capac continues a rather meteoric rise he becomes increasingly aware of mysterious happenings and disappearance that don't seem to flummox anyone but himselfThe Good The Bad When I first started doing 50 book challenges I was uite generous with my rankings I'm not sure if any books in 2008 got an A but Procession of the Dead scored an A and was my fave book I read last yearwhich is hilarious because when I got it in the mail I was DREADING reading it and uestioning why I'd ever signed up to get a copy in the first place as it was labelled 'sci fi' Okay yes there is a science fiction element to the book which actually may irritate some readers when it's finally revealed but I felt like the strength of the rest of the novel overshadowed the slight glimmer of disappointment I felt at the ending So let's focus on the positive This book is incredible Everyone I've lent it to has powered through it in a day to under a week for the less savvy reader because it is written so well There aren't cliffhangers at the end of every chapter it's like the end of every few pages The sheer level of tension and excitement and twists is enough to propel you through this great gritty noir type crime novel with a touch of sci fi as mentioned I don't have enough good things to say about this book I truly hope it becomes a movie one day gets exposure in the US cause it's fantastic Even the character of the City itself is a wonderful feature of the book GreatThe Bottom Line An excellent read even with a slightly 'meh' ending you'll still want to read the seuels in the seriesAnything Memorable? Nothing other than the fact everyone is very hooked on this book when I lend it out50 Book Challenge Book #14 in 2008

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    This is one of the best books I've ever read The thing is it's such a corrupted story and being a writer Darren Shan does thing's I don't think i could do Darren Shan seems to pause his heart and let the evil of the characters take over he doesn't bother trying to spare people he let's Capac savagley murder a few and in the end completely give over to the corruption and let his soul wander away as a new evil heartless monster of Capac Raimi takes over I love this story because it deals with the truth behind corruption the cost of power the price of love the strength and weaknesses of a personThe characters in the story are amazing truly stunning and moving characters I fell in love with Ama and Conchita Leonara became a favorite of mine and I saw a friendly side of Paucar Wami I truly love how characters evolved especially Capac As a writer I could NOT do such a thing make ssuch a brutal heartlesss ending in which good does NOT provail Throughout the story I stuck with Capac though never did I dought him even in the end when his actions haunted and surprised me I still loved his character and still truly felt sorry for him I pity Capac Raimi and the fact that the only way out was to give in to his dark sideThis story is hautning moving gut wrenching shocking and has some of the best morals everRIP Conchita Leonora Wami and The CardinalPS IM SO DAMN HAPPY Darren Shan mentioned Machu Picchu I've known and been interested and studied and did projects and researched Machu Picchu and Incans since I could readI LOVE MACHU PICCHUbest location ever and I totally MUST go there one day I'm SO happy he mentioned itI swear i'm Darren Shan's lost sonhahahaha

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    A grim and gritty account of the rise of Capac Raimi wannabe gangsta and mysterious man with no past It reads like Sin City the movie cool and detached Almost mechanicalI likedThe Inca stuff It was a subtle flavor at first but a refreshing oneThe main character Capac Although his story shoots in an Annakin Skywalker direction I was still pulling for him all the way to the end even through the bad choices and his personality changes Actually I enjoyed what the author was suggesting about the way you are shaped by the roles others cast on you Not sure how much I agree but it was an interesting take on the Free Will DebateI appreciatedThe ending and the fact that the author let the story come to that logical conclusion view spoiler Even though watching the hero succumb to the dark side is ultimately disappointing hide spoiler

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    I just cannot get into this one Tried three times and as of March 2 2015 going to uietly return it to the library Hope it suits others better

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    If you enjoy the work of Neil Gaiman you’ll probably find much to like in YA author Darren Shan’s first foray into adult speculative fiction It follows the story of Capac Raimi a young man without a past who travels to the big city to work with his uncle a small time hood This unnamed city is run by The Cardinal a combination gangstercorrupt politicovengeful god who takes Raimi under his wing educating him in the mysterious ways of the city while grooming him for bigger thingsThe plot is fairly intricate and peppered with a polyglot of enigmatic minor characters all with special powers and dark histories but somehow Shan manages to sidestep the muddled confusion that befalls so much modern sci fifantasy There is a fair bit of action and suspense not to mention mystery I enjoyed trying to figure things out as the story unfolded which made for swift and enjoyable readingHowever much like Gaiman Shan fails to conjure any concrete sense of place At times he seems to be trying to re create the eerie uasi futuristic cities found in cult films like Dark City and Blade Runner but then he makes reference to several current cultural touchstones like Steve Buscemi’s character in Reservoir Dogs and the effect is strangely jarring Much like Gaiman’s Neverwhere the idea is better than the execution with character development and world building definitely taking a back seat to storyline This is an entertaining read for anyone who enjoys a supernatural thriller but isn’t so concerned with the characters and atmosphere As for me I'm much interested in complicated characters than complicated plotlines plus I want to get lost in the world a book creates for me so that world better be all encompassing and real

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    I really liked the mystery and some of the world building elementsThe resolution of said mystery felt a bit forced though As most this resolution was giving trough dialogue instead of 'showing'The characters were Ok Not really interesting and felt card box then human at certain points especially the female characters The Cardinal was great though I love the tension the mind fuckery and tricks he brought to the table He was the reason why I kept reading Overal the book was well 'Ok' I liked it

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    I'll found it both boring and interesting not enough though to finish it Just did not get a feeling for the hero

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    Gory and thought provoking I love it

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    This review contains minor SPOILERS from the bookProcession of the Dead is not my first Darren Shan novel but definitely the most memorable one It is the first book in The City Trilogy but it can be enjoyed as a standalone experience too because the story concludes at the end of the book Capac the main character was not really interesting to me at the beginning because he had the characteristics of a 'template gangster persona' who is at the bottom but he wants to reach to the top and be a criminal elite in the city His motives remained the same but his character changed immensely for me when the Ayuamarca mystery started to take shape in the story Capac’s mental problems and missing memories added a lot to his personality and suddenly I started to enjoy his story a lot than before My favorite thing in the whole story is the atmosphere of the environment The City resembles a dark dystopic construct which radiates bad feelings like depression and paranoia through the pages of the book The City is certainly a place which I would never want to visit but I love to read about It is a mysterious sinister and paranormal place filled with crime and criminalsThe main villain the Cardinal felt not so villainous to me Obviously he is a strange evil man who rules the whole city but his plans and motives felt logical in most cases He rules the city of crime by criminal ways and those ways may present him as a bad person but they are necessary to keep up the things all around the city As I mentioned above Capac’s journey to be an elite gangster in the City started uninterestingly for me The Ayuamarca mystery added a lot to it and when he met the Cardinal and became his henchman and apprentice was the turning point for me when the story finally felt like something really exhilarating The ending of the story is one of the best conclusions I’ve ever read When Ayuamarcan mystery reveals its secrets and Capac fulfills his destiny I just couldn’t believe how uniue and exciting this whole story was As I’ve said the book does have an ending so it is not necessary to continue the trilogy for those who like it as a uniue experience however for those who want to see from the sinister City and want to descover all the secrets of the Ayuamarca mystery I would gladly recommend the second and third books of the trilogy too because the uality is similarly good like in the first installment The story contains elements of horror sexuality and vulgar language so I would not recommend it for a young audience but for those adults who like to be part of a terrifying journey and dive into a world of anti heroes where nothing is black and white this is one of the best options availableP2KJFV