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In 2010 Brian Aitken was sentenced to seven years in prison for possessing firearms he legally owned He lost everything and spent four months in prison before Governor Chris Christie demanded his release and taking his case to the Supreme Court This is his story

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    Life is messy And failed relationships police overreach legal incompetence and judicial bias can make it not only messier but simply intolerable Brian Aitken experienced all of these things as his life spiraled out of control and he ended up in a prison suit with the clank of metal doors behind him If not for the compassionate timely and frankly surprising intervention of Governor Christie he'd still be there now The facts of Brian's case are as messy and convoluted as they come and yet in this clear eyed and well paced memoir he is able to unravel a complicated narrative and convey the crushing effect of a legal system out of control as it systematically pushed him to the very gates of hell There is despair redemption hope and humor in this book and it is one of those rare memoirs that is as compelling as a good novel

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    A searing memoir by turns poignant humorous and maddening about Brian Aitken's horrific journey through America's broken criminal justice system Arrested for exercising his Second Amendment right to own guns Brian was unjustly convicted and sentenced to prison where he languished until Gov Christie granted his clemency petition But the effects of that unjust conviction continue to plague Brian today This book is essential reading for anyone who wants to understand how the system really works when gun phobic prosecutors get an innocent man in their sights

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    For anyone interested in personal freedom firearms laws individual rights or an inside look at an extremely arbitrary and capricious legal system this book is a must read The early part of Brian's story is immediately recognizable an acrimonious divorce followed by parental alienation but it soon spirals into a horribly Kafkaesue nightmare culminating in a seven year prison sentence for the crime of moving one's lawfully owned firearms from one residence to another While gripping the book isn't without its flaws Some grammatical mistakes odd phrasing and disjointed story telling occasionally mar the narrative; it needed one last pass with an editor before it went to print In addition there's a ham handed marketing effort to make Brian's story a left vs right issue which doesn't fit The American left doesn't like guns and wants to outlaw private ownership of them yes but this case was about the typical unthinking gun grabbing that's part and parcel of northeastern liberalism not a true political effort An overzealous prosecutor and disgustingly biased judge wanted to make an example of Brian not because he was a conservative but because he dared to own guns in their state Brian had been gored by two bulls America's awful family court system which treats all fathers like disposable potential abusers and New Jersey's contradictory even senseless firearms laws I can't imagine how terrible it must be to have one's own son ripped away like Brian's but to be sentenced to prison on top of that for not having done anything illegal is unthinkable Despite this Brian treated the subject matter with admirable grace The story hits its nadir with Brian's chilling account of county jail followed by prison As appalling as the experience was the injustice of it made it even worse no doubt and I needed a Silkwood shower after reading it Whether or not you can ever see yourself in Brian's shoes what happened to him was a terrible injustice Buy his book Read it And stay out of New Jersey if you legally own a firearmFour out of five stars

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    The New Jersey gun laws are very confusing This is a true story of one man's involvement with the New Jersey legal system after he believed he followed the law It helps to explain some of the pitfalls you could encounter if you own a gun in New Jersey and how these laws impacted Mr Aitken's life Well worth reading even if you are not a gun person Very interesting and eye opening

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    I remember when this occurred I lived in New Jersey at the time read about it in my local paper and felt outraged by the injustice I didn't know about his visitation issues I just knew that he was arrested for transporting his legally owned handguns unloaded in his vehicle after his mother dialed 911 and then hung up New Jersey's gun laws and gun paranoia are absurd I now live out West where the second amendment is understood and honored Out here guns are a part of life and hunting rifles are regularly seen in vehicles and being carried Concealed carry permits are common place whereas in New Jersey they are virtually impossible to attain What happened to Brian is a travesty If you live on the East coast reading this book should be a strong caution to be very very careful I am grateful that Brian took the time and made the effort to expose this injustice It borders on the unbelievable It is important that people understand how powerless the individual can become when the system is rigged against them

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    The miscarriage of justice by Judge James Morley who was removed from the bench by Gov Christie and the prosecutor Robert Bernardi colluded to convict an innocent man and sentence him to 7 years because they do not like gun owners

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    Was pretty weird my first time reading a book about someone I know personally A super captivating story told in a straight forward honest voice

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    Well done BrianI agree with Brian on this miscarriage of justice there is plenty of blame to go around Read this book

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    I'm a Criminal Justice student at Bucks County Community College this book is excellent

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    Where to start? It’s a good read A well written memoir about a miscarriage of justice and our very flawed legal system As a legal professional this books was the beginning of a deep drive into the gun laws of my neighboring state PA which I admittedly knew nothing about As a human story it’s riveting But then there’s memories of family my own family in a this case Memories of summer barbecues swims I never wanted to end and cousins who I always looked up to Bravo Brian