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The Baby Boomer generation known as 68ers in Europe pulled out all stops when it came to rebelling against their elders but were treated with kid gloves by the 'pig system' they affected to overthrow What would happen though if a new generation decided to rebel against them? That's exactly what occurs when a group of young Tasmanians embark on an extended campaign of subversion exposing the many hypocrisies of the Boomer establishmentThe Hungry Wolves of Van Diemen's Land is a satire that works on a number of levels It is a book desperately needed by the Zeitgeist of this pivotal eraif you read only one novel this decade you had better make it this one

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    The setting Tasmania previously known as Van Diemen’s Land The Hungry Wolves are predominantly 5 young people who belong to a generation beyond the ‘Baby Boomers’ It is some of these older people they seek to ‘challenge’ to coin the ultimate euphemism This older ruling elite parrot pedal and promote supposedly liberal values internationalist and global at the expense of local values and cultures They will be exposed as hypocrites and false prophets financed by global capitalismThis sounds to be heavy stuff It isn’t It’s an action novel which had me cheering on the kids’ outrageous pranks which exposed the ‘system’ for what it is – empty hypocritical corrupt purveyors of fake news par excellence It made me think of the Lindsay Anderson film 'If' 1968 with the fledgeling Malcolm Mcdowell as the leader of the pack of disaffected public school boys who wreak havoc on their Alma mater All this of course will come at a cost to our young heroes who are vilified as nazis and fascistsAn enjoyable if at times depressing how do they get away with it? read 4

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    There is nothing I have read that so perfectly captures the spirit of these times as this book While the mainstream establishment still promotes the hackneyed ideals of 1968 as revolutionary as if any remnants of the traditions they hate still need to be changed by what can only be described as failure and destruction younger generations are beginning to wake up and they are not happyThis book puts all of that rubbish in its place in a very readable and entertaining manner From its many strikingly accurate critiues on modern art the cult of the curator and the reign of uantity It wasn't the artwork itself that excited herit was the fact so much of it was collected in one place through to the stark economic reality that the baby boomer generation have left us with where unable to find work as all the jobs have been shipped off overseas the characters of this book decide to make their living by robbing the most obnoxious boomers Rather than waffling on in dreary prose about these hard times however this book just gets to the point and the characters begin their rebellion It shows the anti fascist movement for what it is the useful idiots of the establishment and it shows the anti culture that has been encouraged over the past 40 years for what it truly is'The Hungry Wolves of Van Diemens Land' is a novel about a rebellion against the current establishment The main characters are radicalised by their experiences with the '68 generation's destruction of traditional culture and declare war on them in a series of humourous pranks which show the true hypocrisy of those calling for open borders The use of newspeak is especially amusing with terms such as check your privilege cis privilege and so on in their full ridiculous glory This book is set in a world where an anti European stone began rolling down a hill in the '60s picking up and dirt on its way attempting to become consistent in all it's anti family and anti European beliefs as it gets and out of control it casts such a big shadow over society to the point that is now a laughing matter that everything in our natures has been inverted by this ridiculous ideology and the winning side of any fight is those who are defined as having the least privilege This book smashes all of thisIt's a fairly short book and well written Just read it yourself give copies to people in your life who are not yet radicalised and maybe the world can be changed as a result The lies of the establishment are all smoke and mirrors and this book unmasks it all in a glorious manner

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    When I first read the synopsis I was unbelievably excitedRebelling against the baby boomer gen? Fvck yeah I'm on board for that I wish I could kick my whole generation on board for that And to some extent The Hungry Wolves of Van Diemen's land does pose valid criticism to our watered down world culture consumerism and the boring death trap that is post modernismBut on every other level this book is a HUGE PIECE OF YOUNG WHITE MALE ANGER BULLSHIT Let's start withREALISMEvery character over 45 is an unreasonable cosmopolitan asshole Seriously everyone reacts SO HARDCORE SO CORRUPT to everything main white dude and his friends do I am tempted to guess the author has never had a conversation with a human being much less baby boomer before I get that he's trying to up the ante and create an establishment full of enemies here but people are so much subtle and nuanced than the 0 to full blown rage characters that fill these pagesWRITINGIt's shit writing but it's meant to be from the POV of these annoying and arrogant kids so that's cool What's not cool is that the author uses characters to info dump Particular props to one stunningly shit seuence with an Aboriginal kid who basically just trumpets some rudimentary mystic stuff German tourists dig and then validates for his whole culture apparently what the main douchebags are doingWhat's also not cool is that he has literally every character completely break character at some point to nudge the story in a certain wayUNDERSTANDING OF HOW HUMANS WORK IN GENERALAS IF you can create a huge art world media buzz with a few emails and phone calls AS IF you can get everyone in Hobart to come to a party just by two pasty kids handing out a few flyers SHIT THAT WAS GOOD ABOUT THIS BOOKThe book does okay in recognising the total bullshit the baby boomer gen perpetuates incl Post modernism most realistic bit of the book is the characters stealing a used chicken bucket at an art gallery which turns out to be worth 50000 Surface multiculturalism The western world and their army of hipsters scensters and wiggers marauding other cultures styles is not okay and a deeply slutty way to exist That the gentrifying of the world isn't about love and friendship but about casting the widest net for consumerism see Facebook's latest internetorg ads basicallyIF ONLY it could hold on to these ideas for than two seconds before degenerating back into 'I'm against the man' slobber

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    “Nature the universe hungers for us to give it meaning But our capacity to do so has become clouded and that is why a great awakening is reuired”A gentle uote loaded with relevance for revolutionaries the world overWith the Alt right making mainstream media headlines everyday it's important that people understand what's driving the movement Is it White Supremacy? Sexism? Homophobia? For some yes but not for the main protagonists in The Hungry Wolves of Van Diemen's Land Sean Maddy Coot Mark and Dianne despise the global world order propped up by the '68ers aka Baby Boomers Here's Sean's explanation to a group of angry anti fascistsThere's nothing in our worldview that implies 'white supremacy' as you put it What we're trying to do is help our people to find their core nature The last thing we want to do is lord it over other races or cultures The only 'culture' we feel hostile towards is the cosmopolitan one because it's fake It's a mockery of true cultureFor Sean and his Wolves of Joy it's easier to describe one's core nature and true culture by what they are not consumerist capitalist politically correct cosmopolitan feminist demographically fluid due to unlimited Third World immigration controlled by the MSM etc Sean also provides reasons for individual and cultural degeneration “We shared our belief that Western societies were on a massively wrong course and that much of the reason for this was a severance from the unconscious both individual and collective and from the gods heroes and symbols of old”Christensen uses Sean to speak for Odinists Nationalists Traditionalists anyone believing in Western humanity's decline from a Golden Age to the Kali Yuga wracked present inhabited by “multicult consumer zombies”No doubt many readers will not agree with Christensen's views Identitarianism certainly has hosts of horrified detractors One criticism irrelevancy cannot be attributed to Christensen's work In the age of Donald Trump The Hungry Wolves of Van Diemen's Land could not be relevant Charlottesville fake news DACA Mother Emmanuel reductions in funding to the United Nations Brexit Catalonia Deep State George Soros border walls opioids Harvey Weinstein Make America Great Again whew Heady times my friends Whether you consider Christensen a kindred or disparate spirit reading The Hungry Wolves of Van Diemen's Land will deepen understanding of our current reality

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    This strikingly uniue satire addresses a veritable plethora of topics that leaves the reader with a massive table of ‘food for thought’ Unashamedly blunt this short book critiues the hypocritical ideology of the baby boomer era taking on controversial issues such as minority groups media ethics uestionable modern art open borders and racism When two young Tasmanians begin to rebel against the establishment they find themselves discovering the importance of their ancestry and take the reader on a page turning series of pranks designed to unmask the anti culture of the boomers in a bid to ‘wake up’ the next generation to consider who they are and where society is leading them Written in the first person in five instalments the experiences of Sean and Maddy can be read in a day but the message will stay with you for a great deal longer This book raises urgent uestions about the so called modern world that cannot be ignored and will make you consider throwing out your TV for good A must read and the perfect gift for those with an interest in the preservation of traditional culture and the desire to uestion some of society’s most ingrained and obnoxious personality traits ‘The Hungry Wolves of Van Diemen’s Land’ delivers a knockout blow and deserves a place on your bookshelf A well written and thought provoking book – those well acuainted with Hobart and surrounds will have the added advantage of enjoying the thinly veiled references to real life locations Buy this book – you will not be disappointed

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    I started off a little ambivalent about it but thought I wouldn't give up on it it's not a long book and I used to be acuainted with the author But by the time I was half way through I was enjoying it and by the time I had finished it would easily number in the list of best books I have read this year Great book Paul

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    A Tremendously well writen and vitaly important book

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    The blurb grabbed my attention and so I gave it a shot If you like incoherent writing and ideologies in service of an alt right or really just lazy fash plot line then go for it

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    Juleigh Howard HobsonWhat’s as new as it is this book is the first book I would lend to someone who wanted to understand the New Right And the Alternative Right And the European Right wing parties And Traditionalism Odinists anti capitalists anti antifas nationalists of any stripe culturalists anti feminists anti PCers those fed up with the system those who eschew the hypocritical Zeitgeist of the baby boom generation also known as ’68ers Those who want the end of unlimited Third World immigration the end of a culture held in the sway of a mass media controlling elite the end of a world where “Law isn’t about justice or very rarely it’s about the smooth maintenance of a system” in a world of “multicult consumer zombies” Anyone who is uestioning the system’s narratives relating to history to current events and to the “inevitable” future that the system would like to put in place Anyone on the brink of awakeningAnd young people My 18 year old thought it was brilliant and approachableThe Hungry Wolves of Van Diemen’s Land is approachable because it is written via the voices of young people and it carries a tone of ingénue anguish at what the world has become It doesn’t expect the reader to know than the characters although it expects the reader to intelligently understand the content — which is sometimes subtle like the preface uotes and sometimes straightforward — “we shared our belief that Western societies were on a massively wrong course and that much of the reason for this was a severance from the unconscious both individual and collective and from the gods heroes and symbols of old” — but always pertinent

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    It's amazing to read a book which gives voice to those who have had their voices silenced by a corrupt and evil media What is even amazing is that it was written by an Australian I have to go now so I can purchase his other books