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Commander Michael Blayne of the Galactic Armed Forces is highly suspicious of his orders to retrieve a malfunctioning probe from an Old Earth sidetime After all the job is a basic training mission not a usual assignment for an officer of his rank and caliber However his Chief Commander Alrick Zartollis has assured him that he is perfect for the mission so he prepares to depart accompanied by a smart mouthed know it all computer named Max The simple assignment rapidly becomes complicated when he meets Kate a young woman who prevents him from retrieving the lost probe When he and Kate are literally blasted from Old Earth to another place and time Michael realizes he has been set up by his esteemed Chief Commander Probe retrieval indeed he mutters as he surveys his new surroundings and the odd individuals who live there Edgar a mechanical servant who disdains the implication that he is a robot The robot was my ancestor he sniffs to Michael just as the amoeba was yours; Jafrey an irreverent old man with a long gray ponytail sharp tongue and a dangerously powerful talent; Nick the giant Sarzonian monster who can uote Shakespeare; Ivar the master of a mysterious place called Belencourt who got so tired of powerful visitors blowing up his electromagnetic door that he had it replaced with an old fashioned hinged door which was less susceptible to strong auras Michael soon discovers he is on a mission so secret he is not even allowed to know what it's all about To make matters worse Alrick Zartollis the one man who knows the truth is nowhere to be found while the events he carefully put in place one hundred years earlier unfold in ways he never intended Time's Edge is the first place winner of the Tassy Walden Award a literary prize given by the Shoreline Arts Alliance of Connecticut A fast paced lighter tale the story blends adventure humor and romance in a fun to read mix of sci fi and fantasy

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    Ever feel that you don't fit in? What do you think about time travel? Energy channeling? Seeing the future? Well curl up in that favorite overstuffed chair or under that beach umbrella and take a break from this worldKate Michael strangers who find themselves literally thrown together tumble into another place and time But where are they? And why? The one person who can explain their situation is nowhere to be found others who may have vital information won't share And who's trying to kill well who? As they explore their new reality and find some 'uirks' are better described as powers they challenge plans made a century agoI enjoyed this book The author blends ideas already out there jumping around through space time intelligent robots schools to teach advance special abilities with sometimes subtle humor creating a world that may be advanced but is nonetheless stuck in a battle between good evil It is a world worth exploring I'm thinking this is the first in a series 2 4? I look forward to the next installment to supply answers to uestions raised and left open If you only read 'great literature' you may not find this story to your taste If you read to relax explore enjoy and just go with it this could be a dessert buffet I received this book through a goodreads giveaway I feel so lucky I get a chance to read so many authors novels I might not have found wandering through the bookstore

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    OMG I loved this book It is the story of Commander Michael Blayne of the Galactic Armed Forces but before anyone thinks that means this is a hard core science fiction tale think again Michael is sent on a secret mission to an Old Earth sidetime fascinating concept that where he meets Kate They fall through a portal in time and then their adventures begin Fantasy sci fi love and humor are all wrapped together creating a very pleasurable story that was as smooth going down as a chocolate milkshake The descriptions are vivid and transported me mind and body into Cilcourt Belencourt and all the other wonderful places that Michael and Kate traverse As soon as I was done I re read the book again to make sure I didn't miss anything And let me tell you I picked even the second time around You'll want to read this one fast because it will hook you right in and draw you forward but try to read slowly Trust me you won't want to miss a thing

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    I really couldn't put this book down The adventures of Michael and Kate had me reading into the night This book lets the readers know right away that there is so much to the main characters but the pacing doesn't drag out the mystery or ruin it in a far too early exposition The suspense well rounded characters and the humor definitely kept me turning the pages Even if you're not a huge fan of science fiction you will love this book for its elements of fantasy adventure and romance I would recommend this to anyone who is looking to get invested in a great new series because believe me you'll be eagerly awaiting the next installment

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    I enjoy reading mystery books science fiction books fantasy books and good ol' fasioned shoot 'em ups This book literally had all of these in there somewhere plus a healthy dose of romance and dare I say lust thrown in for good measure The story moves along at a great pace I find that most books have at least one portion of it where I sort of have to 'plow' my way through to get back to the good stuff This book didn't have that I would recommend it to anyone who likes any or all of the kinds of books I mentioned aboveand I would think that would include just about everyone Can't wait for the next in the series

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    A very good book with a real hero yes I'm one of those people sick of the moody dark anti heroes so popular in today's fiction great action scenes a romance and subtle humor had me laughing at unexpected moments This book has very detailed descriptions likable characters and it left me feeling good when I had finished and wanting to read Time's Edge will appeal to a wide range of readers science fiction fantasy adventure romance I highly recommend it

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    This was an unexpected gem Loved it couldn't put it down

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    This book had a somewhat interesting premise but I didn't think much of the writing If I was the book abandoning type I would have uit reading a few chapters in It felt very hokey and I was rolling my eyes I kept reading and the story did get interesting However the entire time I was reading it I kept moving back and forth between this is okay to this is just wasting my time The relationship between the main characters kept slipping into cheesy romance novel territory which felt totally out of place in the rest of the story I couldn't recommend this to anyone

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    Time's Edge was a fun book to read A sci fifantasy adventure set in in several lavishly detailed worlds the story takes the reader for a fun filled well paced ride Wonderful characters and a plot that kept me guessing I read this book in one day because it kept me hooked What would happen next? Was it going where I thought it was? I will be reading this again and am looking forward to the seuel

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    I really enjoyed this one An interesting blend of science fiction fantasy and romance This is much than a typical sci fi adventure novel It reads like a movie and has the most vivid descriptions I could really picture all the scenes It is Harry Potter crossed with Star Wars I can't wait for another installment

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    TIME'S EDGE is one of the best books I have ever read It well written fast moving and exciting One cannot put this book down It has many twists mystery love evil and hope This novel would make a very exciting film This is one of those books you cannot figure out the ending until the last page