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What would you do if you were on a uest you didn't like to find an object you didn't want If there was a prophecy that hinted you could not succeed If an oracle warned that everyone close to you would perish if you failed If those closest to you were keeping secrets that affected not only your uest but your very life If the truth about your life and destiny was the most closely guarded secret of all Most secrets are revealed by Time But what do you do when time is running out? Time's Secret is the second book in the Time's Edge sci fifantasy series

10 thoughts on “Times Secret (Times Edge, #2)

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    More secrets are discovered in this book than there is secrets on an entire twenty year span of a daytime soap opera Fast paced mysterious and full of emotion Time's Secret is even better than Time's Edgewhich is a tough feat since the first book blew me away I can't wait for the next book in the series

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    The sorrow of reading this book is that at the end you don't want to leave You get so caught up in the adventure that you forget you are the reader and not one of the characters Time's Secret is truly a vacation for the mind I recommend this and the Time Edge to anyone who loves fantasy adventure and romance

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    Every bit as entertaining as the first part I found it to be a delightful mystery to be solvedand talk about a cliff hanger I sure hope the Dattilos are busy working on the next in the series

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    Lovely to read about these characters again Surprised people aren't talking about them

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    Loved it didn't want the adventure to end Twists turns Mystery love Personal growth realization by the characters made the story that much realistic A great trilogy

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    An enjoyable continuation of the story started in Time's Edge with intriguing new twists The last 50 pages were difficult to put down